Garen Tennant

An unexpected message [Aaron]

Generally, Garen didn’t get owls. The only people who would send him anything by owl would be his father (unlikely) or students’ parents writing in with a concern about their little witch or wizard. Zeke didn’t do the whole owling thing—if he had to contact Garen, he Flooed—and Aaron was literally down the hall so owls were unnecessary. Garen didn’t own an owl himself, though Caliban sometimes condescendingly carried post. The macaw was currently preening and cawing Sonnet 130 (“My mistress’s eyes are nothing like the sun…”) in the hopes that this would earn him a treat of some kind. Garen did not see the point of all this; Caliban certainly knew where Garen kept the parrot food and how to access it. It probably would have been easier for Garen to keep the bird treats by Caliban’s perch to save him the trouble of reorganizing the closet every time Caliban got just a little too hungry, but in an effort to look like he was in charge of his office, Garen had not done this.

At any rate, the owl from Sandro about staff that they needed next year took Garen somewhat by surprise—though it was that hiring time of year again, and he remembered the owl from last year saying that they needed two new staff members to replace Eliana and Poppy. So he scanned the list; yes, Charms was on there, he knew Jodie was leaving…

Why is “Quidditch Coach” listed? Garen paused and tried to come up with every scenario—any scenario—where he liked the reasoning and outcome of this. He drew the equivalent of several blank slates. Before he had much time to dwell on this, Aaron walked into the room. Under normal circumstances, this would have made Garen very happy. Currently—well, granted, he was still happy (based on the way his heart let him know that, in its opinion, something exciting had just happened), but it was accompanied by a sense of “perhaps you could explain to me why it looks like you’re leaving next term”.

The director did not say this, though. He said “Hey” and he smiled, which wasn’t anything like what he had meant to say or do. Garen decided to blame the weather, although there was no logical connection between the late January climate and what Garen did or did not mean to say. His next thought was that It must be a Thursday. I never got the hang of Thursdays, but he knew it was a Friday night and he needed to stop quoting Douglas Adams and figure out what the Brecht was going on.

“So, ah,” he began, which wasn’t a promising start but he was having trouble remembering how words worked, “can you explain this to me?” The brown-haired man handed Aaron the message that he had just received from Sandro. He didn’t want to try and explain what he was thinking in words that he wasn’t sure how to use. “Because I tried and I…I wasn’t sure if I came to the right conclusion.” The translation of this was, I need you to tell me what’s going on, again. I don’t like being the last to know. But Garen wasn’t going to be confrontational or anything. He was just confused, and a little upset, and wanting a hug rather badly.
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